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Posted by: Forever Florida on 02 Jul, 2019

Equine Therapy has been growing in popularity in recent years as researchers discover more and more about the benefits. From depression and anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder and autism, there are many conditions that can be improved through interactions with horses. Forever Florida is proud to offer equine therapy services for those in need, among a variety of other fun outdoor activities like rock climbing, camping, and trail buggy tours.

How Equine Therapy Works

Interacting with and caring for horses and other animals can be incredibly beneficial for people struggling with a variety of conditions. For example, in people who suffer from anxiety, the repetitive act of brushing and grooming horses can provide a sense of calm and relief. For those who are depressed, bonding with the animal can give them a sense of connection, even if they are struggling to build relationships with other people. Working with horses can help those with PTSD in a similar manner. Equine Therapy helps relieve some of the anxiety that often goes along with the condition. It can also give them “someone” to talk to, even if they feel as though their peers can’t understand what they are going through. This also helps in allowing them to express and process their emotions.

Equine therapy has also shown great promise for those on the autism spectrum. Many people with autism struggle to communicate verbally. Interacting with horses gives them a chance to practice non-verbal communication. They can then take those lessons with them into the real world, making it easier for them to interact with other people. Parents of autistic children can benefit from participating in Equine Therapy by learning how to better interact with their child in a way that he or she can comprehend.

About Forever Florida and Our Horses

Forever Florida is a Central Florida outdoor adventure park that offers a variety of activities for children and adults. Visitors to the park will also have the chance to participate in the cowboy lifestyle on our working ranch in Central Florida, helping to care for the horses and other livestock. You’ll get a glimpse into the cattle-rustling lifestyle at Crescent J. Ranch and even try your hand at herding the cattle yourself!

All of the horses live right here at our adventure park and we do everything in our power to ensure they live healthy, happy lives. From heading out into the beautiful wonders of Florida’s nature to grazing happily in the park’s pasture, these horses truly enjoy their time here at Forever Florida. With all the visitors coming through each day, they are pampered and adored, making them incredibly friendly towards our guests.

Making the Most of Your Time with Our Horses

In addition to horseback riding in Florida, the park also offers several other activities and adventures for guests to enjoy, including zip lines, buggy tours, and camping trips. The more activities you participate in, the longer you’ll be able to stay at the park, giving you ample opportunities to spend time with the horses. Whether you need equine therapy to help with a psychological condition or simply enjoy spending time with the animals for your own happiness, you’ll be able to get your fill of these majestic creatures at Forever Florida.

The benefits of equine therapy can last long after you have left our adventure park, and you’ll be able to take the lessons and tools learned with you into your daily life. Whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and lose yourself in the memory of the wonderful time you had with our horses. When you open your eyes once more, you’ll undoubtedly feel a sense of peaceful calmness to help get you through your busy day.

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