Morning Activities

7:00am to 12:30pm

Wake up in a rustic cabin surrounded by nine of your new best friends. Counselors gently encourage everyone to get ready for breakfast, where flannel pajama pants and T-shirts are perfectly acceptable. When everyone is ready, step outside into farm fresh air under blue Florida skies. Make your way toward the dining hall, but watch out - you might get caught up in a water balloon and shaving cream fight on the way! Campers arrive at the dining hall and sit at a table with their cabin. The counselors pass around an iPad and show you how to pick your own activities for later that day. There are so many cool options it’s hard to choose, but go right ahead - it’s your camp!


Wake Up


Watch out for water balloons!



8:30am to 12:20pm

Head to the wild west, go to the extreme, be a survivalist - we’re off to specialties! The staff of each of our 4 “specialties” take their group of excited campers to their program locations, where they spend the morning learning, exploring and living out their fantasy. Base and Wild West Camp head to the arena, Extreme Outdoors head on an extreme adventure, and Camper Vs Wild head to the deep bush...every specialty has a place. Each specialty has a director who is an expert in that specialty area. They’ve developed a full week of fun

Daytime Activities

12:30pm to 5:50pm

A healthy lunch, then the 3 electives your camper chooses!
Campers reconnect with the members of their cabins and counselors at lunch. If anyone has a birthday, expect the whole camp singing Happy Birthday to you! Last-minute adjustments to afternoon schedules are made if anyone has changed their mind about the electives picked at breakfast, and then the fun continues! Head out to the activities you chose for the day. Every camper is empowered to make their own choices, allowing you to create and experience your ideal summer camp. To make it an even more memorable experience check out our all new Extreme Electives Pack.



1:30pm to 2:25pm

Rest Period

2:30pm to 3:30pm

1st period elective

3:40pm to 4:40pm

2nd period elective

4:50pm to 5:50pm

3rd period elective

Nighttime Activities

6:00pm to 11:00pm

The sun may be setting, but the fun continues!

Have we mentioned that meals are one big party? Your counselors will get you dancing and singing at dinner, and you’ll learn all of the Camp Illahaw traditions. Then, still buzzing from an incredible day, everyone at camp gets together after dinner for the night’s evening activity.

Tonight you could be going all-out in a gameshow, cheering on your new friends at the Rockstar concert, dressing up for the themed dance, or experiencing another of the many fun events and surprises we have planned. The last night of camp culminates in the very special Camp Illahaw Showcase, where campers from different specialties show off what they’ve learned. Afterward, head back to your cabin for just a little more laughter, bonding, and swapping stories with your friends and counselors before falling asleep.




Evening Activity Special Event


Get ready for bed (Teens to the camp store or Teen Lounge)


Teens head back to their cabins


Lights out