Camping Adventures

Safety Requirements

Age restrictions: 10 and up | Weight restrictions: 265 lbs | Health: Must be in good health, free of back or neck injuries, can not be pregnant | Minimum # required for reservation: 4 | Wear: long pants, closed-toed shoes | Bring: Change of clothes, night clothes

More Info

Price: $40 per two people | Includes: Restrooms with running water and showers, covered picnic area, firepits | Accommodates:10 tents around 20 visitors | Bring: Tent, sleeping bags, pillow, toiletries, towel bug spray, flashlight, ghost stories | Check-in: At Visitor Center | ($100 damage deposit)

Additional Information

Price: $250 per-night for up to 4 people. An additional $10 per person, per-night. ($150 damage deposit) Bring: Food, toiletries, clothes, flashlight | Check-in: At Visitor Center

Additional Information

$300 per night, per bunkhouse ($200 damage deposit) Bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, bug spray, flashlight